Frequent questions:


Why does "Home 4 My" apply this QR code on your page?

By having an increase of visits of new countries that add to "Home 4 My", it pretends to be to the height of all and for all and to increase the market of consultations of properties!


What is a QR code?

QR codes are a type of two-dimensional bar codes. The information is encoded within a square of variable size, allowing to store large amount of alphanumeric information!


How can you read a QR code?

Generally QR codes are used to be read from mobile devices. Most smartphones already have QR code readers. You can also download for free QR readers for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms from the corresponding App Store.

Recommended Apps:


- QR-Droid


- Zxing

- QR-After (iPhone and iPad) - Free and Premium

- dsdsd

What information can a QR code contain?

The information contained in a QR can be of many types and its reading from a mobile device, allows actions to be performed automatically on the device itself!


What can a QR code do for me?

This code can serve to facilitate the contact between the seller and the buyer since they show a mail ready to send, so it is very important to fill the fields of the form to add an ad or better yet be registered, this task greatly simplifies the Search and consultation of a property!


How does "Home 4 My" work?

The operation of "Home 4 My" is simple, you publish in our official page and we promote it in our Facebook FansPage, in ads and groups, since we consider that Facebook is currently the most used social network so far!


Is publishing on "Home 4 My" Free?

Yes! Publish is totally free!

What is the scope of "Home 4 My"?

The scope of "Home 4 My" is currently world-wide, only that the promotions that are realized of the properties are to Latin American level, including the southern part of the United States! The goal is to reach those potential customers or buyers, and not limit the market, but open borders and settle in the place of our dreams or scandalize our capital abroad!


Why can not I post my ad on "Home 4 My"?

What we want in "Home 4 My" is that the publications are as detailed as possible! Of course, it is not mandatory to get the form with real data, for example you can complete it with 0 (zero) or "data not available" or similar, this naturally reduces your search, not only on our website, but also that You reduce the results of your ad in the search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others!


Can you publish any price on "Home 4 My"?

Actually? Yes! Only that you must take care, since there are laws that defend the consumer, therefore this one has the right to demand that the published price be charged to him! For this reason we recommend placing a price up to even a little higher than the real or a figure that escapes from reality so that the query of the price of the Property is made!


Why do I have to fill out all fields on the "Home 4 My" form to publish my property?

In "Home 4 My" there are different kinds of ways to find a property with our advanced search, either by the number of square meters or meters covered or number of rooms or number of services or rooms, for this reason as more lockers complete more Chance to appear in the results you will have, however if you want to just place a 0 (zero) in the required fields, it will be enough!


How can I excel among other properties in "Home 4 My"?

We reward the details in every way! As? Simple! So that "Home 4 My" uses your publication to make your campaigns! The ideal is to upload well-made photos (not pixel quality), such as lighting, focus, keep order in areas that are made the photographs and correctly fill out the form we put at your disposal to shit your Property to our site Web! This way "Home 4 My" will consider your ad for future campaigns!


Why should I register for "Home 4 My"?

The benefits of registering are several: by creating a profile you can control your ads, the number of times your property is displayed, you can edit, delete, cancel or pause as many times as you want, control future queries and ask for a support Personalized (as long as you comply with the requested requirements) and Carry out future campaigns in "Home 4 My"!


Why at a moment I have many more visualizations than before in my ads?

"Home 4 My" carries out localized campaigns in the Region, Country or Continent in your FansPage, where your ad is linked, therefore it will get a greater number than other ads!


If you still have doubts about our system, write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.