By promoting your ad on "Home 4 My" you do not only do it on our homepage, but also on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and G +), in this way you gain positioning and attract the attention of potential buyers or future renter!
As a young company, we want your publications to be successful and draw attention to those potential customers and not make it an announcement more, for this reason we insist on the photos! These have to be of good quality (not in pixel) so it catches the eye! We insist a lot on this as it is what you are going to sell or rent your property! We just give it a hand to promote it!



7 days between the 16 positions of TOP PROPERTIES (until losing positioning) 

Republication in Social Networks and Groups

Presence on Smartphone (on page)

amount: U$D 2
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7 days between positions of EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES (until losing position)

Republication in Social Networks, groups, advertising for a day on Facebook (in regions or radios of the sale area / rental of the property)

No presence on Smartphone (on page)

amount: U$D 5
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